I Married a Witch

- Leave me alone, damned policemen
- Calm down, grandfather

I'll bewitch you, from now on
you'll be a rat:

"... "Rat, rat bigger than a"
"cat"... How does it follow?"

- I'm a rat, am I not? Go on
- Very Well

If I could remember the words
I'd convert you in kangaroos

- they are taking him away
- you deserve It too

- But you won't let them do it
- Please, don't you start again

I thought my father would be good,
I wouldn't let anybody harm you

Of course not
Really, last night I was your
enemy, but now I've changed...

...I love you, I'll love you forever
if I could die for you, I'd do it

I just want you to be a good girl
- Everything is ready
- Goodbye

- Where do you go?
- I told you before

I thought that after
all I've made for you...

I am very grateful,
but excuse me, I'm going to get married

That's what you think
- Dodley
- Now it's serious, I'll handle this

- Hurry, let's end with this once for all
- He'll pay for this

- how do I look?
- It doesn't matter, come on

What are you doing standing there?
Dodley has the ring,
I'll go to see what is he doing

Come back here right now,
what's the matter with you?

Haven't you ever had one of those days
in which everything goes wrong?

Too late
...She loved me truly,
she told that would give her life for me

- Oh, my love!
- At last!