Now, Voyager

I ran into him
and brought him by for tea.

I hoped you and Mother
would be pleased.

How do you do?
Has the cat got your tongue?
I apologize for my daughter's
bad manners, doctor.

Mother, please!
I will not deceive
my own flesh and blood.

Nor will I approve her nonsense.
Lisa says that your peculiarities...
...your crying, your secretiveness...
...indicate the verge
of a nervous breakdown.

Is that what you're trying to achieve?
Believe me, I'm trying to help.
Dr. Jaquith has a sanitarium.
In Vermont.

Probably one of those places
with yowling inmates.

I wouldn't want anyone
to have that notion.

Cascade is where people go
when they're tired.

Like you go to the seashore.
The very word "psychiatry"...
Doesn't it fill you with shame?
A member of our family?

There's nothing shameful
or frightening about it.

Is simple, what I do.
People come to a fork in the road.
They don't know which way to go.
I put up a signpost:
"Not that way. This way."
Really, Mother.
Excuse me. Miss Vale?
I wonder if I might ask you a favor.
Would you show me this house?
One doesn't often get the chance.

I had a look at the downstairs
when I came in.