Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror

This will quiet
your nerves.

The tea has
got cold again.

You've been playing that
thing all the afternoon,

fiddling while Rome burns.
Hello, what's this?
General J.
Lawford, KCBDSO,

Captain Ronald Shaw MC,
who today narrowly
escaped being struck

by a falling wall
in a bombed area.

Lawford and Shaw,
by a falling

Holmes, you don't
think that...

It was not an accident.
Good heavens.
Holmes, that
sinister-looking fellow,

what's his name, Meade,
if only he
hadn't got away.

Yes, difficult as it was
I managed to
let him escape.

You let him escape?
But great scott man,
he was about to kill us.
He may even yet.
I don't understand
you, Holmes.

It's my theory that
this chap Meade

is the arch-criminal
and he's behind
the whole thing.

You're absolutely
right, Watson,

except for one thing.
Well then I'm wrong.
Have you observed
that a highly
secret military plan

is thwarted by each
of these disasters?

Yes, I have now
that you mention it.

Watson, there's a leak.
A leak?
You mean in the Council?
But Holmes, that's

Anything is possible
until proved otherwise.

Lets see, who's
in the Council.

Lawford and Shaw, they're
above suspicion,

their record proves that.
Anyhow, they
were attacked.

There's Prentiss.
Would he kill his own son?
Doesn't seem likely and
yet the boy is dead.