The Talk of the Town

- And the way this town feels now...
- What did you expect me to do?

You, the most distinguished legal mind
in the state, could head a committee...

...and demand a fair trial for him,
away from the prejudice of this town.

Judge Grunstadt is a tool of Holmes
and out to get Dilg.

He's said as much.
You're not buying the idea.
My business is with
the principles of law.

I can't get mixed up
in these little local affairs.

The philosophy behind the deed,
that's my field.

- May I quote that?
- No.

Little squabbles, eh? Personality.
And now what?
- Who lives here?
- Michael Lightcap.

- Take the house, I'll take the grounds.
- Have you got a search warrant?

Dilg escaped.
We're searching every house.

Have you a warrant?
There's nobody here but us.
- Lightcap came here for a quiet summer.
- Listen...

No warrant, out!
That's from the Constitution.

- Well, not exactly in those words.
- Nobody's here but us.

And that's too many.
Please leave, all of you.

Yes, Mother, will you, please?
Donald. Both of you.

- Don't come home in those pyjamas.
- I won't.

Watch it, now. Here we come.
Just put that down there.
I've rented this house and I don't want
a lot of policemen in it, or truckmen.

- Shippers, bud.
- Or shippers bud, reporters, mothers.

Bless you.
You be sure to take them off now
and come home soon.

- So long, Michael.
- I'm sorry, Sam.

You're still wearing it, I see.
It's becoming. You've grown into it.

And what's that?