The Talk of the Town

There's nobody here but us.
- Lightcap came here for a quiet summer.
- Listen...

No warrant, out!
That's from the Constitution.

- Well, not exactly in those words.
- Nobody's here but us.

And that's too many.
Please leave, all of you.

Yes, Mother, will you, please?
Donald. Both of you.

- Don't come home in those pyjamas.
- I won't.

Watch it, now. Here we come.
Just put that down there.
I've rented this house and I don't want
a lot of policemen in it, or truckmen.

- Shippers, bud.
- Or shippers bud, reporters, mothers.

Bless you.
You be sure to take them off now
and come home soon.

- So long, Michael.
- I'm sorry, Sam.

You're still wearing it, I see.
It's becoming. You've grown into it.

And what's that?
- It's the coffee boiling.
- Take it off.

You do it, will you?
I've got to speak to Mother.

Do you know who's up in that attic?
Leopold Dilg.

- Who?
- Dilg.

- In that attic?
- Yes.

- Now?
- Yes, now.

He stumbled in here last night
five minutes before Lightcap arrived.

- What's funny?
- "Can't get involved in local affairs."

- There's a local affair in his house.
- Get him out of here.

What's as safe as
a law professor's home?

Are you kidding?
Dilg's life won't be worth a dime
if I turn him back to that jury now.

- Lightcap can help, but it'll take time.
- That's nothing to me. He can't stay here.

- Why not?
- Who'd take care of him?

- You.
- Me?