Woman of the Year

Miss Harding and Mr. Kieran
both have their hands up.

- Full title.
- "Nights in the Garden..."

- Hello, Sam.
- Hi, kid.

Hi, Sammy. You missed most
of the Information Please!

I guess I have lived around a lot.
With my father, that is.

Tess Harding. Treat for the intellect.
Rest your intellect and give me
a Scotch and water.

The Chronicle ought to form
a cheering section for her.

Because we write on the same paper?
Did you ever meet her, Sam?
I understand she don't talk if you
haven't signed a nonaggression pact.

Prescott lists four seaports...
... which have had great
strategic importance in this war:

Dakar, Narvik, Derna and Singapore.
Were any of these ever under
the American flag?

Derna, in 1803.
- The war with Barbary pirates.
- Right. Most of us...

Can you figure a dame that knew
what was going on in Libya in 1803?

Fadiman says she's number-two dame,
next to Mrs. Roosevelt.

So they're giving them numbers now,
like public enemies.

Well, Mrs. Prescott does not receive
$ 25 and a set of the Britannica.

The next question comes from
Mr. C.A. Copeland of Glenport, Florida.

What is the most frequently run
distance in American sports?

- Hundred yards.
- No, no. It's a mile, counting horses.

I'll try our guest expert first.
Miss Harding.

Ninety feet, sister.
I really don 't know anything
about American sports.

Mr. Kieran?
- Ninety feet.
- Care to explain?

The distance between
home plate and first base.

Yes, or between any of the bases
in the game of baseball.