Woman of the Year

Prescott lists four seaports...
... which have had great
strategic importance in this war:

Dakar, Narvik, Derna and Singapore.
Were any of these ever under
the American flag?

Derna, in 1803.
- The war with Barbary pirates.
- Right. Most of us...

Can you figure a dame that knew
what was going on in Libya in 1803?

Fadiman says she's number-two dame,
next to Mrs. Roosevelt.

So they're giving them numbers now,
like public enemies.

Well, Mrs. Prescott does not receive
$ 25 and a set of the Britannica.

The next question comes from
Mr. C.A. Copeland of Glenport, Florida.

What is the most frequently run
distance in American sports?

- Hundred yards.
- No, no. It's a mile, counting horses.

I'll try our guest expert first.
Miss Harding.

Ninety feet, sister.
I really don 't know anything
about American sports.

Mr. Kieran?
- Ninety feet.
- Care to explain?

The distance between
home plate and first base.

Yes, or between any of the bases
in the game of baseball.

Thousands of men and boys
run it every day.

Really? Seems like
a frightful waste of energy.

There's an awful lot of energy
wasted in the world these days.

That's telling her, John.
- Isn 't anything more wasteful
than war.

However, all the more reason
people ought to give it their full attention.

What would you suggest,
Miss Harding?

Abolish baseball for the duration
of the emergency?

I think that's a very good idea.
- Have I said something wrong?
- Just a minute...

- Things they let them get away with.
- Maybe she was kidding.

She knew what she was saying.
Know what that does?

Take it easy, Sam.
Don't blow your top.

We're concerned with a threat to
what we call our American way of life.

Baseball and what it represents
is part of that way of life.

What's the sense of abolishing
what you're trying to protect?

That's a beautiful thought, Sammy.
- You ought to write a poem about it.
- I'll do better than that.

"...and she might remember what the
Duke of Wellington said about sports.

The duke was the baby
who whipped Napoleon at Waterloo...