Destination Tokyo

We've cornered the chili sauce market
for you, sir.

Good work, Cookie.
Got steaks to go with it?

Yes, sir.
Captain, last torpedo's on board.
- Right. I'll be at the dock phone.
- Aye, aye, sir.

Any luck on that Oklahoma City call?
Sorry, Captain Cassidy, I haven't
gotten through to your wife.

You know how it is. Christmas Eve.
Yes, I know how it is.
Thank you. Cancel the call.
Hi, Rocky. That kid of yours
been born yet?

- Yes, sir. It's a boy.
- What, no cigar?

- Congratulations, Rocky.
- Thank you, sir.

- Captain.
- What, Sparks?

- I got the record changer all hooked up.
- So I hear.

The crew certainly does appreciate
your gift, sir.

Well, after five patrols,
I appreciate my crew, Sparks.