For Whom the Bell Tolls

You are a prize for any woman.
If you'd ever let go of yourself.

And this one...
this one is a gift to any man,
if she could cook a little better.

Give me a cigarette and listen.
Life is very curious.
I would have made a good man,
but I'm all woman and all ugly.

Yet many men have loved me.
Is that strange?

I don't think you're ugly.
Don’t lie to me.
Or has it begun to work with you too?

No, no, no. Look, I am ugly.
Yet one can have a feeling here
that blinds a man while he loves you.

He thinks you are beautiful,
and one day, for no reason at all,

he sees you ugly, as you really are.
And he's not blind any more.

Then you see yourself
as ugly as he sees you.

And you lose your man
and your feeling.

Then one day the feeling,
that idiotic feeling that you are
beautiful, grows inside of you again.

And another man sees you
and thinks you're beautiful.

And it's all to do over again.
Now I am past it.
But it still might come again.

Lift your head,
this silliness is over.

I was only jealous of your 19 years.
It isn't a jealously that lasts.

You won't be 19 always.
You see,
I have evil thoughts, Inglés.