Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man

Same as the constable
in Cardiff.

Looks rather like
the bite of an animal.
Aye. That animal.

We remember it well

And it musve carried away
the corpse of poor Sir Lawrence.

What animal?
didn't you know. Sir?

There was a wild animal
around here a few years ago.

It killed people.
Bit through their throats.
drained their blood.

Did they kill it?
Sir John Talbot
thought he did. Sir.

He attacked it
in the dark one night.
or so he thought.

But it was his son
he killed.
Poor Mr. Larry.

Where is
Sir John Talbot now?

Over there. Sir.
Died of grief
shortly after.

Les get out of here.
But the body. Sir.

Mustn't touch that.
Thas evidence.
Yes. Sir.

Sergeant. If is convenient.
I'd like to see a photograph
of Lawrence Talbot.

There's one up
in my office. Sir.

Here's Mr. Larry's
photograph. Sir.

Take a look
at this face. Doctor.
Isn't that our man in Cardiff?

Yes. There is a similarity.
But I wouldn't swear
is the same man.

Of course is not
the same man.

If it were.
I'd be off me top.

I think the sergeant here
better come back to Cardiff
with us...

and see if he can positively
identify this man.

Thas the thing to do.
Do you mind if I
use your telephone?

I'd like to check up
on my patiens condition.
Of course. Doctor. Over there.

Hello? Put me through
to the Queen's Hospital
in Cardiff. Please.

I want to talk to
Dr. Gordon.

Have you ever heard of
a Gypsy woman named Maleva?

A Gypsy woman?
A vagrant. Eh?

We always
register them.

Hello. Dr. Gordon?
This is Dr. Mannering speaking.

How's Lawrence Talbot

You know. The head-injury case
that went violent yesterday.

Did you notify the police?