The twilight's beautiful.
Why don't we go for a walk?
Laugh at Caligula
and all the other teachers!

I don't know...
Tell me...
Do you like me just a little?
You see, I...
Do you see that star?
It seems to be hanging far below
the sky on an invisible string.

It's been great company to me.
If only you knew how lonely I was.
Who hasn't been lonely?
I used to stand at the crossing,
watching the trains.

Please don't laugh.
I used to think
that one day I'd be on one.

A sweet young woman...
in a bell-shaped skirt
and a funny hat, no luggage.

Now you'd be there, too.
Would you want to come?

Nothing would frighten us any more.
You were so afraid before.
Yes, I was.
Won't you tell me who he was?
No, I can't. I just can't!
He's tried to get in.
I've heard him fumbling with his key
in the new lock.

He's phoned too.
Sometimes I've felt him
following me in the street.