Wing and a Prayer

You can read them
after the war.

All right.
Break it up.

Let's cut a record.
Hey, you want me
to make another one?

I could knock that moon
out of the sky.

Leave it alone.
I'll need that moon
when I get home.

Right on the beam, kid.
What's your name?
Benjamin K. O'Neal,

Aviation radioman,
first class.

Did you come in
with Torpedo Five?

That's right, sir.
Haven't you served
under me before?

I was in and out
of Pensacola, sir.

I thought I'd
seen you before.

As you were.
Bring back
Bring back
my Bonny to me

To me...
What's wrong, Benny?
I've been ducking him
since I came on board.

If he figures how long
ago he saw me,

he'll ground me sure.
How come?
Too old
for air combat duty.

Are you kidding?
There's no law--
That man's
the whole navy

in one pair of pants.
Do you know what
kind of guy he is?

He's the only officer whose men
wouldn't give him a nickname.

What's the matter?
What if he
finds out about me?

What about you?