Wing and a Prayer

What's your name?
Benjamin K. O'Neal,

Aviation radioman,
first class.

Did you come in
with Torpedo Five?

That's right, sir.
Haven't you served
under me before?

I was in and out
of Pensacola, sir.

I thought I'd
seen you before.

As you were.
Bring back
Bring back
my Bonny to me

To me...
What's wrong, Benny?
I've been ducking him
since I came on board.

If he figures how long
ago he saw me,

he'll ground me sure.
How come?
Too old
for air combat duty.

Are you kidding?
There's no law--
That man's
the whole navy

in one pair of pants.
Do you know what
kind of guy he is?

He's the only officer whose men
wouldn't give him a nickname.

What's the matter?
What if he
finds out about me?

What about you?
Benny, how old
would you take me to be?

Oh, I'd say
about 20, 21 .

But if he ever
sees my birth certificate,

I'm cooked.
When I joined the navy,
I made a mistake
about my age.

You mean you
weren't 1 7?

I won't be 1 7
for 3 months.

So that's
the way it is.

We're either
too old or young.

Well, kid,
we're in this together.

Every tear
Will be a memory
So wait and pray
Each night for me
Till we meet again
[Ding Ding]
[Ding Ding]