Along Came Jones

This is Uncle Roscoe, ain't it?
Hi, Uncle Roscoe
I'd ask you to alight and eat, but I think
you'd better keep going, south

I ain't in any hurry
Can't you understand?
There's gonna be a posse after you

Not after me I ain't done nothin'
- Ain't you gonna alight?
- No, he's gonna keep going

You can't be as thick-headed as that
This country's full of men
just aiming to shoot you on sight

- Get outta here while you still can
- You heard what she said

- Get going
- Who are you?

He's my brother Avery
Now, are you going?
All right
Come on Uncle Roscoe
Let me in, Cherry
That's just the way it was
One punch and Ira Waggoner
was flat in the road

Wish he'd broken his neck That's what I get
for tyin' up with somebody I ain't never seen

- You don't even know Waggoner?
- I never saw him Leo picked him

It was fixed that the shotgun guy that got me
was gonna be left behind