Along Came Jones

Let me in, Cherry
That's just the way it was
One punch and Ira Waggoner
was flat in the road

Wish he'd broken his neck That's what I get
for tyin' up with somebody I ain't never seen

- You don't even know Waggoner?
- I never saw him Leo picked him

It was fixed that the shotgun guy that got me
was gonna be left behind

Outside the horse,
there wasn't supposed to be no shootin'

- I got a good mind to blast his belly open
- That's right

- Get outta here!
- I was

Never mind Get to town and look for Leo,
so I don't have to slope outta here by myself

Sure, Monte
You stay here
Now, what about this fella?
- He's nothing but a tramp cowhand
- Stop talking like a fool or like I'm a fool

How do you know
he ain't one of Luke Packard's men?

Come on, Monte Sit down
There Now, he's nothing but a tramp cowhand
who just wandered into Payneville
with an old side rider