Along Came Jones

Outside the horse,
there wasn't supposed to be no shootin'

- I got a good mind to blast his belly open
- That's right

- Get outta here!
- I was

Never mind Get to town and look for Leo,
so I don't have to slope outta here by myself

Sure, Monte
You stay here
Now, what about this fella?
- He's nothing but a tramp cowhand
- Stop talking like a fool or like I'm a fool

How do you know
he ain't one of Luke Packard's men?

Come on, Monte Sit down
There Now, he's nothing but a tramp cowhand
who just wandered into Payneville
with an old side rider

On account of the initials on his saddle,
they took him for you

Cotton was fixing to shoot him
when I got this idea

I figured the best thing I could do was
help them keep on thinking he was you

Tomorrow, the posse'll be ridin' after him
50 miles from here,

and the north'll be wide open for you
- See anything wrong about that?
- Yeah

Nobody's as stupid as you make him out to be
He's just a common, ordinary,
useless bronc stomper,

like you see any way you looked around here
He'd have done anything I asked him to
He would, huh?
He did, didn't he?
He kinda liked you?
Yeah, it looked like it
That's what I thought it was
You better be glad he did, too