Along Came Jones

- But you ain't him
- No?

No You had me fooled for a time, but
not after I thunk it over
But you're frontin' for him,
and that's all I wanna know

Where is he?
- I was fixin' to ask you that
- I done my part of that job

Now I'm waitin' for you fellas to do yours
You understand?

Mister, I'm gonna tell you the truth
I ain't got the first idea what you're talkin' about

I want my share I wanna know where
that money bag is You understand that?

Then you'd better start remembering You're
gonna tell me before you leave this room

You mean you figure
I know where that money is?

I figure you better
Well, I don't know exactly what to say to that
Nobody else has to know
Just you and me Fifty-fifty

Mister, I swear I don't know
how you've lived as long has you have.

What do you mean?
- Do you remember Morgan Earp?
- Sure

He got his spine shot in two
He had his back to a door that had glass in it

Sure What about it?
If you look behind you,
you'll find just that kind of a door

That's the oldest one in the book
That glass is painted over and I know it