Along Came Jones

Well, I don't know exactly what to say to that
Nobody else has to know
Just you and me Fifty-fifty

Mister, I swear I don't know
how you've lived as long has you have.

What do you mean?
- Do you remember Morgan Earp?
- Sure

He got his spine shot in two
He had his back to a door that had glass in it

Sure What about it?
If you look behind you,
you'll find just that kind of a door

That's the oldest one in the book
That glass is painted over and I know it
Maybe, but I sure wish
you'd give it a second thought

- I've had just about enough of this
- So have I

Hello, Leo
- Who's this?
- I don't know

- He's trying to pass himself off as Monte
- I know He's riding Monte's saddle

- What deal you making?
- I was trying to find out about things

- What things?
- I got a certain right to

To do what?
Sit here till I ride off
Then be someplace where I can find you
You understand?
I wanna hear some more
about them rights you're so worried about

Let's go
- Me?
- Come on