Along Came Jones

Maybe, but I sure wish
you'd give it a second thought

- I've had just about enough of this
- So have I

Hello, Leo
- Who's this?
- I don't know

- He's trying to pass himself off as Monte
- I know He's riding Monte's saddle

- What deal you making?
- I was trying to find out about things

- What things?
- I got a certain right to

To do what?
Sit here till I ride off
Then be someplace where I can find you
You understand?
I wanna hear some more
about them rights you're so worried about

Let's go
- Me?
- Come on

Walk ahead of me until we're out in the street
Mount your pony
Mister, I'm obliged to you
for getting me out of that bar

Ride by my off-stirrup, close
- I ain't goin' that way
- You go the way I tell you to

I can't understand how in Sam Hill a tramp
like you found a way to kill Monte Jarrad