Along Came Jones

Walk ahead of me until we're out in the street
Mount your pony
Mister, I'm obliged to you
for getting me out of that bar

Ride by my off-stirrup, close
- I ain't goin' that way
- You go the way I tell you to

I can't understand how in Sam Hill a tramp
like you found a way to kill Monte Jarrad

Get going
Stay where you are
- Now, look, I'm sick and tired
- I'm gonna smoke a cigarette

When I'm done, I'm gonna throw it away
When I throw it away, take care of yourself
Some friend of this belly-bustin' gunman,
I take it

- Say it while you can, tramp
- Figure you're good with a gun yourself

Outside of Monte,
I've never seen anybody better

All I meet today is champions
You shot Monte in the back
You wanna try again?