Christmas in Connecticut

- That for me?
- No, this is for Seaman Sinkewicz.

This is for you, and you've got
a surprise tonight.

Turkey? Steak?
A lovely raw egg
floating in your milk.

"By America's best cook,
Elizabeth Lane.

Roast goose Bernoise
with walnut dressing...

...giblet gravy, cranberry..."
Did you enjoy your lunch,
honey boy?

You mean that mush?
When a guy's okay,
and he wants some man-size food...

...why do they hold out on him?
You forget you were out on a raft
for 18 days without any food.

Your tummy's not ready
for solid food.

And why is Sinkewicz's stomach
any different than mine?

Because you starved longer
than he did, Jeffy.

You gave him the last
of that K ration, remember?

That was a great sacrifice.
That was no sacrifice.
Have you ever tasted K ration?
If I starved longer, do they
have to try to finish the job?

Of course not,
but the doctors know best.

All I get is milk, milk, milk.
- Every time I yawn, I'm scared I'll moo.
- Silly boy.

I'll get something to read
and be right back.

- Hi, fella.
- Hi, Sinkewicz.

Say, look, you had steak
again yesterday, didn't you?

And today, chicken Maryland.
Oh, brother.
- How do you work it?
- You gotta use the old magoo, Jeff.

That's all. The old magoo.
- The old magoo.
- Here we are.

Your favorite and mine.
Elizabeth Lane.
You know, she must be the most
wonderful cook in America.