Christmas in Connecticut

- I'll do it for you and get a no for you.
- Now, look here, Liz.

Don't waste time. You have to decide
what you're gonna say to the old man.

- What old man?
- It's Yardley.

- He's sending me a sailor for Christmas.
- Oh, how nice.

A sailor? Really, Elizabeth.
It's just a little trouble we're in.
Yardley thinks I have a farm...

...a husband and a baby in Connecticut.
- A farm, a husband and a baby.

Simple, isn't it?
Well, there's obviously only one thing
for you to do.

Sloan, keep out of this.
I've taken as much
as I'm going to take from you.

Boys, please, stop quarreling.
Come in.
- Mrs. Lane?
- Oh, yes. Put it in there.

Oh, Dud, I wish you'd tell the office
to stop sending those things here.

- Another rocking chair?
- Yes.

- You already have eight.
- Thirty-eight. The rest are in the basement.

Thirty-eight rocking chairs?
I said last month I was searching
in vain through antique shops...

...for a rocking chair like Granny had.
My public is sending me rocking chairs.

And that proves how popular you are.
If you get fired, you'll rob the public
of the finest human-interest feature...

:19:01 the magazine field.
- And Dudley Beecham of his finest job.

All right. Let's get down to cases.
What are you going to say
to the old gentleman?

Well, I'll simply say,
"Of course, Mr. Yardley...

...there's nothing I'd rather do
than invite this man..."

- to spend Christmas on my farm but...
Excellent. I knew you'd feel that way.
After all, it's our patriotic duty, isn't it?

The poor young man spent
18 days on a raft...

...six weeks in a hospital,
and he's never had a real home.

You can imagine how much
it'll mean...

:19:26 have a homey Christmas
with your wonderful cooking.

Naturally, but you see...
But your cooking, Mrs. Lane.
I follow your diary faithfully.

It is the only thing I ever
do read in my publications.

I wouldn't miss it for the world.
In October, when you had
breast of guinea hen in Madeira...

...that was perfection, Mrs. Lane.
Lucky man, your husband.

- Thank you...
- And last June's...

...strawberries Chantilly
with rum and egg white.

You stiffen the egg white first
before the rum?

- Definitely, of course.
- Of course. It's the only way to do it.

And your Christmas menu, Mrs. Lane,
that is really magnificent.

Roast goose Bernoise
with walnut stuffing...

...celery soufflé
and real old-fashioned plum pudding.