Christmas in Connecticut

:19:01 the magazine field.
- And Dudley Beecham of his finest job.

All right. Let's get down to cases.
What are you going to say
to the old gentleman?

Well, I'll simply say,
"Of course, Mr. Yardley...

...there's nothing I'd rather do
than invite this man..."

- to spend Christmas on my farm but...
Excellent. I knew you'd feel that way.
After all, it's our patriotic duty, isn't it?

The poor young man spent
18 days on a raft...

...six weeks in a hospital,
and he's never had a real home.

You can imagine how much
it'll mean...

:19:26 have a homey Christmas
with your wonderful cooking.

Naturally, but you see...
But your cooking, Mrs. Lane.
I follow your diary faithfully.

It is the only thing I ever
do read in my publications.

I wouldn't miss it for the world.
In October, when you had
breast of guinea hen in Madeira...

...that was perfection, Mrs. Lane.
Lucky man, your husband.

- Thank you...
- And last June's...

...strawberries Chantilly
with rum and egg white.

You stiffen the egg white first
before the rum?

- Definitely, of course.
- Of course. It's the only way to do it.

And your Christmas menu, Mrs. Lane,
that is really magnificent.

Roast goose Bernoise
with walnut stuffing...

...celery soufflé
and real old-fashioned plum pudding.

- It's out of...
- Don't worry. I'll take care of everything.

Miss Scott, take this telegram
to Miss Mary Lee...

...Navy Hospital, Staten Island.
In reply to your letter of the 15th...
...Mrs. Lane will be very pleased
to entertain your friend...

...Jefferson Jones.
Mr. Yardley, there's something
you should know.

Yes. What is it?
Well, it was just something
that you should know.

It's my child, he's been ill
with whooping cough.

Whooping cough.
That's not contagious to adults.

My grandchild had it.
Not at all serious nowadays.

- Mr. Yardley...
- This will be a great story...

...for our next issue, Mrs. Lane. "American
Hero Spends Christmas on Perfect Farm."

What a boost for circulation. Yes, indeed.
I believe I'll arrange a nice little bonus
for you, in recognition of your cooperation.

Thank you very much,
but I really couldn't...

Now, now, I know you're not doing this
for any mercenary reason.

You're a fine American wife and mother,
and we're proud to have you on our staff.

- You could use a little bonus, couldn't you?
- Oh, I guess I could.

Splendid. Splendid. Allow me
to shake your hand, Mrs. Lane.

I don't know how to tell you this, but...