Christmas in Connecticut

- Get another job.
- That's what you think.

I better go phone my wife
and give her the glad tidings.

Darling, you have to eat something.
- Right, you must keep up your strength.
- Commence with an appetizer.

Then I bring some nice
chicken Budapest...

...some Brussels sprouts à la Felix,
some potatoes au gratin.

- Sounds very palatable.
- Help yourself, darling.

First, some nice filet of marinated herring
à la crème.

- Elizabeth?
- Artichoke hearts vinaigrette.

Sometimes these things
happen for the best.

- Bologna.
- But I think how I've worked...

...building up that job.
There's another job waiting for you.
- There is?
- Yes.

The job of being Mrs. John Sloan, darling.
Well, that's sweet of you, John.
But I don't feel that way about you,
and it wouldn't be fair.

Well, I'm willing to take a chance.
I can make you care for me in time.

Wa... Walnuts, pickled walnuts. Excellent.

Come on, Lizka. Sit here.
I wait on you myself.

Eat everything, Lizka.
Felix, bring us some wine, will you?
Something very good but not too expensive.

Moselle 1927? Yes?
- Fine.
- Yes, sir.

Well, Elizabeth, how about it?
You know you need someone
to look after you.

But I don't love you, John.
All that will come in good time.
Could you wait that long?
I think so.
Saying no to your proposals
has become a habit.

Yes, it's a bad habit.
You must break yourself of it.

It becomes harder and harder
to find an excuse to say no.

You can't blame it on your career
this time, because you haven't got one.

You're right.
Well, I just can't think
of another excuse.

You could say that you love
someone else.

But I don't.
No. Let me think.
Oh, what am I...?
You mean...?
You mean you will marry me?

Well, if you really want me,
knowing how I feel.

Do I? Darling.
Well, don't mind me.
Dud, we're going to be married.
Hey, now look here, it isn't that bad.
- Oh, really, Beecham.
- It's a good idea, Dud.

In fact, I think I'll rather enjoy
living on a farm after...