Christmas in Connecticut

Where was Elizabeth when she phoned?
Grand Central Station.
Well, she should be here by now.
I sent her to Yardley to talk him out of it.
Instead, he talks her into it.
- It means she'll lose her job, of course.
- Yeah.

And mine too.
Well, merry Christmas.
Hello, Lizka. Your friends are waiting
in the bar.

- What's the matter? Something wrong?
- Oh, no, no. Just a catastrophe, that's all.

- Sam?
- Yes, sir?

Catastrophe, what is it?
It's from the Greek. It means "a misfortune,
a cataclysm or a serious calamity."

Greek, serious, calamity.
- It is good?
- No, sir. That's bad.

- A double martini, Oscar, please.
- Well?

Every time I opened my mouth, he talked.
I felt like Charlie McCarthy!

Lizka. This catastrophe. It's trouble?
- Yes. I'm going to lose my job, Felix.
- Pish-posh. That's nothing.

- Get another job.
- That's what you think.

I better go phone my wife
and give her the glad tidings.

Darling, you have to eat something.
- Right, you must keep up your strength.
- Commence with an appetizer.

Then I bring some nice
chicken Budapest...

...some Brussels sprouts à la Felix,
some potatoes au gratin.

- Sounds very palatable.
- Help yourself, darling.

First, some nice filet of marinated herring
à la crème.

- Elizabeth?
- Artichoke hearts vinaigrette.

Sometimes these things
happen for the best.

- Bologna.
- But I think how I've worked...

...building up that job.
There's another job waiting for you.
- There is?
- Yes.

The job of being Mrs. John Sloan, darling.
Well, that's sweet of you, John.
But I don't feel that way about you,
and it wouldn't be fair.

Well, I'm willing to take a chance.
I can make you care for me in time.

Wa... Walnuts, pickled walnuts. Excellent.

Come on, Lizka. Sit here.
I wait on you myself.

Eat everything, Lizka.
Felix, bring us some wine, will you?
Something very good but not too expensive.

Moselle 1927? Yes?
- Fine.
- Yes, sir.