Christmas in Connecticut

Oh, Mr. Sloan, a merry Christmas.
The same to you, Miss Lane.
Thank you, Nora.
Merry Christmas to you too.

So he finally talked you into marrying him.
Congratulations, Mr. Sloan.

Thank you.
Has Judge Crothers arrived yet?

No, sir. But he's on his way.
He phoned.

That'll be a dollar even.
There you are. And that's for you.
Well, shall I carry you in, darling?
No, thank you. We're not married yet.
Oh, oh, John, it looks lovely.
Just the way I described it
in the Christmas issue.

I'm glad you like it.
Oh, Nora, this is Felix Bassenak.

- He's going to help you with the cooking.
- Help me? Help me?

We're having two guests.
They'll be arriving later.

- I hope you have their rooms ready.
- Everything's ready, Mr. Sloan.

If you come this way, I'll show you
the kitchen, Mr. Basternook.

Just call me Felix.
I hope you like it here, Felix.
Me? I don't like the country.
Oh, it's real cozy here.
We have a horse and a cow.
I hate horses, and cows
don't like me either.

Where's the kitchen?
Why, darling, you look wonderful.
But won't they think
that outfit's a little ultra...

...for Elizabeth Lane, the housewife?
I'll change before they come.
After all, a girl has to be dressed up
on her wedding day.

Do you really...?
- What's the matter?
- What'll I say to Yardley and the sailor?

- About what?
- The baby.

The one I wrote about. They'll expect
to see him. We forgot about the baby.

You forgot about the baby, you mean.
Come with me.

- But, John...
- If there's one thing an architect thinks of...

:29:37's details. I told you
I'd attend to everything.

- But, John...
- Come along.

There's your baby.
Oh, John.
Where did you get it?
Nora looks after him
for a neighbor, Mrs. Wright.

She works in a war plant in the village,
and her husband's in the Army.

The baby stays here
quite late each night.

Hello. You're awfully cute.