Christmas in Connecticut

I hate horses, and cows
don't like me either.

Where's the kitchen?
Why, darling, you look wonderful.
But won't they think
that outfit's a little ultra...

...for Elizabeth Lane, the housewife?
I'll change before they come.
After all, a girl has to be dressed up
on her wedding day.

Do you really...?
- What's the matter?
- What'll I say to Yardley and the sailor?

- About what?
- The baby.

The one I wrote about. They'll expect
to see him. We forgot about the baby.

You forgot about the baby, you mean.
Come with me.

- But, John...
- If there's one thing an architect thinks of...

:29:37's details. I told you
I'd attend to everything.

- But, John...
- Come along.

There's your baby.
Oh, John.
Where did you get it?
Nora looks after him
for a neighbor, Mrs. Wright.

She works in a war plant in the village,
and her husband's in the Army.

The baby stays here
quite late each night.

Hello. You're awfully cute.
Oh, John, this is wonderful.
I was worried.

Didn't I tell you that
all your worries are over?

Yes, I guess they are, all right.
You're very sweet to me, John.
Yes, I always think of details.
I was designing a house
once for plumbing.

Instead of ordinary pipes,
they had to be double-ribbed ones.

It's nothing, I just...
- John, dear,
- Yes, darling.

When you're kissing me,
don't talk about plumbing.

What? Oh, sorry. Of course not.
Well, what shall I talk about?
Well, do you...? Do you have to talk?
You quaint little thing.
Mr. Sloan, Judge Crothers is here.
I put him in the den.

Oh, thanks, Nora. Well, darling.
- Anything wrong, darling?
- No, no, nothing at all.