Christmas in Connecticut

Oh, John, this is wonderful.
I was worried.

Didn't I tell you that
all your worries are over?

Yes, I guess they are, all right.
You're very sweet to me, John.
Yes, I always think of details.
I was designing a house
once for plumbing.

Instead of ordinary pipes,
they had to be double-ribbed ones.

It's nothing, I just...
- John, dear,
- Yes, darling.

When you're kissing me,
don't talk about plumbing.

What? Oh, sorry. Of course not.
Well, what shall I talk about?
Well, do you...? Do you have to talk?
You quaint little thing.
Mr. Sloan, Judge Crothers is here.
I put him in the den.

Oh, thanks, Nora. Well, darling.
- Anything wrong, darling?
- No, no, nothing at all.

I think I'll freshen up a bit first.
- Oh, certainly, but don't be too long.
- No, I won't.

John, don't you think we...?
Don't I think what, dear?
- How are you?
- Nice to see you.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you.

- Where is the little bride?
- She'll be right down.

- I thought we'd hold the ceremony in here.
- My, my. A lovely room for a wedding.

How about right here by the mantel
for the ceremony?

The mantel. Splendid idea.
Now, suppose you stand right over here,
judge. That's right. Just like that.

Oh, no, Sloan, not there.
I came here to marry you...
...not to be roasted
for your Christmas dinner.

- Catastrophe.
- What do you mean, "catastrophe"?

"Catastrophe" is a word from the Greeks.