Christmas in Connecticut

Thank you. This is my uncle Felix.
- How are you?
- Not good.

I suppose you'll give the bride away,
Uncle Felix?

Me? I don't give nobody away.
Always, I keep my mouth shut.
Mouth shut, yes.
If you'll kindly step this way, please.
Join hands, please.
Dearly beloved, we are gathered
together in the sight...

Wait, wait a minute. Excuse me, please.
A wedding with no music?
That's impossible.
You're quite right.
I have here a record
of the "Wedding March"...

...especially for the occasion.
Remember, dear? Details?
But, John, couldn't we
have Mozart or...?

No, no, no, darling, no.
The "Wedding March"
is the conventional thing.

Proceed, judge.
Dearly beloved, we are gathered

It's company already!
Oh, it's the sailor.
He's two hours early. What'll we do?

- What's the trouble?
- It's a peculiar situation.

- We'll have to postpone.
- Take him to the other room.

- Not in there. You'll wake up the baby.
- The baby?

Well, it's borrowed. I mean, it's adopted.
Oh, go ahead.

Nora, turn off the music
and don't forget to call me Mrs. Sloan.

What, already?
Quartermaster Jones reporting.
Merry Christmas, Mr. Jones.
Your mother invited me, Elizabeth Lane.
No, I'm Elizabeth Lane.
It's my pen name. I'm really Mrs. Sloan.
Won't you come it?
Merry Christmas.
This is my uncle Felix.
- How do you do?
- How do you do?

I'm sorry, I... I guess I didn't expect...
I mean, I thought you were...
Oh, I brought a present for you.
- That'll be a dollar even, commander.
- Okay.

Gee, thanks. Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
I... I guess I pictured you...