Christmas in Connecticut

Oh, older? Yes, everyone does.
It's lovely, isn't it, Uncle Felix?
Wonderful. Just what you need.
I read in your column...
...where you were trying to buy one
and couldn't...

:35:15 I hope you like it.
Of course I do.
My old man was an expert
with rocking chairs.

He said he used to solve
all his problems in one.

But you have to know how to rock.
- Don't you just rock?
- Oh, no.

- No?
- No.

I'll show you.
Suppose you're tired and worried
about a problem.

Well, then you rock like this.
Like you're on a ship,
away from everything...

...rolling soft and smooth
over the open sea.

Well, then you get to thinking
slow and calm.

Get it? That's the ocean rock.
- I never thought of that before.
- There's the horseback rock.

When you can't sit still,
you gotta be doing something...

...and you rock like this, very fast.
Then the lazy rock.
When there's something
across the room...

...and you're too lazy to get up
and get it...

...well, you just rock over
and get it.

Only chair in the world you can cross
the room without getting up.

I never know there was so much
to a rocking chair.

Won't you take off your things?
Gosh, your house is wonderful.
I got all the back copies
of the magazine and read them...

:36:24 I'd know about you
before I got up here.

We've read all about you too.
It was swell of you to have me up here.
We're very proud to have you here.
Lizka, what's...? What's that?
The baby, of course.
Baby, so quick?
He woke up rather early.
It must be time for something.
- Could be.
- Oh, I know.

- It's time for the baby's bath.
- Is it?

- Yes. I read all about it in your articles.
- Oh, yes, it is.

They're awfully cute in the tub.
Yes, aren't they?