Christmas in Connecticut

Robert. Robert.
Oh, that's a nice name.
Does he talk yet?
No, no.
Does he like his baths?
Oh, yes, he loves them.
I think.
Shall I...? Shall I test the water for you?
Oh, yes, please.
I always test the water.

You seem to know something
about bathing a baby.

Oh, yes. I used to bathe
my sister's kids.

You did?
Oh, sure. Lots of times.
- Really?
- It's okay.

I'm an expert.
My sister's babies got so used to me...

...they'd raise the roof
if I didn't take over at bath time.

Oh, isn't that wonderful?
- You mean you're gonna let me?
- Oh, well, if you're real careful.

Oh, sure.
Come on, skipper. Come on, skipper.
We're gonna get along great.
Yeah, yeah.

Hurry up. Here we go.
Into the drink. Yup, yup.
Oh, there we are.

Did you say the baby's name was Robert?
No, no. Roberta.
- Soap?
- Soap, there.

- Sponge?
- Sponge.

We never use one. It isn't sanitary. Here.
Oh, it's such a relief to have
someone else do it for a change.

It gets sort of monotonous
bathing him... Her...

:39:51 after day after day...
Hey, take it easy there, princess.
You're rocking the boat.

- Soap.
- Roberta! How naughty of you.