Christmas in Connecticut

Oh, sure.
Come on, skipper. Come on, skipper.
We're gonna get along great.
Yeah, yeah.

Hurry up. Here we go.
Into the drink. Yup, yup.
Oh, there we are.

Did you say the baby's name was Robert?
No, no. Roberta.
- Soap?
- Soap, there.

- Sponge?
- Sponge.

We never use one. It isn't sanitary. Here.
Oh, it's such a relief to have
someone else do it for a change.

It gets sort of monotonous
bathing him... Her...

:39:51 after day after day...
Hey, take it easy there, princess.
You're rocking the boat.

- Soap.
- Roberta! How naughty of you.

Here, I'll wipe it off.
There. That all right?
Over here.
- There.
- Thanks.

Oh, Roberta. She's eating the soap.
What'll I do?

- That won't hurt her. They all do it.
- Oh, really?

You'd make a wonderful father,
Mr. Jones.

You're not married yourself,
by any chance, are you?

No. The cards are stacked
against me, I guess.

Every time I meet a girl I like,
it turns out she's already married.

Oh, that's too bad.
But you would get married
if you found someone you liked...

...who wasn't married?
Well, it must be pretty nice
to have a home to come to...

...and a little lady like this.
She doesn't look like you.
Does she look like your husband?
Good heavens, no.
I knew I should regret this.
- Me also.
- Hurry. Yardley will be here at any moment.