Christmas in Connecticut

It's the woman that leads
the man astray.

- What are you talking about?
- I'm quitting.

Christmas or no Christmas, I'm quitting.
You can't leave.
We need you as a witness.

The judge will be here in a few moments
to perform the ceremony.

Oh, saints of mercy,
what have I been saying at all?

Oh, Miss Lane, I didn't mean it.
I apologize.

Oh, glory be, I could bite
me wicked tongue out, so I could.

Never mind, Nora. It's all right.
Bless your heart. I might've known
you weren't the kind that would...

- But it's just that I...
- Oh, forget it, Nora.

Thank you, miss.
I'm sure 'tis all the luck in the world...

...I do be wishing you both.
- Thanks.

Well, I'll go and take
me things off now.

- Judge.
- Hello.

- Mighty nice of you to come back again.
- Not at all, Sloan, not at all.

My conscience wouldn't let me rest
until you two were married.

Good evening, Miss Lane.
Good evening.
Come along, Elizabeth.
The judge hasn't much time.

Well, come on, dear.
Let's go into the den.
It's more private there.

Look out. Quick, someone's coming.
Come on, quick.