Christmas in Connecticut

- Judge.
- Hello.

- Mighty nice of you to come back again.
- Not at all, Sloan, not at all.

My conscience wouldn't let me rest
until you two were married.

Good evening, Miss Lane.
Good evening.
Come along, Elizabeth.
The judge hasn't much time.

Well, come on, dear.
Let's go into the den.
It's more private there.

Look out. Quick, someone's coming.
Come on, quick.

Well, how did you get down here?
Down the back stairs.
I'm still catching up
with my nourishment.

Have a drumstick.
Don't mind if I do.
Nice cold Chablis.
Nothing like it with a drumstick.
How about it?

I wish I could. A good bender
might make me feel better.

I suppose an experience like yours
leaves a fellow wobbly, eh?

Mr. Yardley...
:54:33 you think Mrs. Sloan
is happy with her husband?

Why, certainly.
He's a nice, sensible chap...

...steady, conscientious, successful.
Yeah, I guess that kind
does make a good husband.

Indubitably, my boy, indubitably.
A fine couple.
- What's he doing now?
- I don't know. He's still in the kitchen.

- I hear voices.
- We can't wait any longer.

Let's get on with the ceremony.