Christmas in Connecticut

Well, how did you get down here?
Down the back stairs.
I'm still catching up
with my nourishment.

Have a drumstick.
Don't mind if I do.
Nice cold Chablis.
Nothing like it with a drumstick.
How about it?

I wish I could. A good bender
might make me feel better.

I suppose an experience like yours
leaves a fellow wobbly, eh?

Mr. Yardley...
:54:33 you think Mrs. Sloan
is happy with her husband?

Why, certainly.
He's a nice, sensible chap...

...steady, conscientious, successful.
Yeah, I guess that kind
does make a good husband.

Indubitably, my boy, indubitably.
A fine couple.
- What's he doing now?
- I don't know. He's still in the kitchen.

- I hear voices.
- We can't wait any longer.

Let's get on with the ceremony.
What about witnesses?
- Yes, we must have witnesses.
- I'll get Felix and Nora.

All right, dear. But hurry, hurry.
- skimmed milk for six weeks...
:55:07 don't know how wonderful
it is to be able...

:55:10 come downstairs and raid an icebox.
- You're telling me?

- I've been on a diet of creamed turnip fluff.
- Why were they picking on you?

- Doctor says I'm too fat.
- Can you imagine that?

I began feeling better the minute
I stopped paying any attention to him.

Mrs. Sloan can certainly roast a chicken.
Cold chicken is my weakness.
- Have some more chicken, sir?
- Thank you.

Oh, hello.
Caught us red-handed, didn't you?
Not at all. I'm glad you feel at home.
- How about a wing?
- No, thank you. I couldn't eat a thing.

- A glass of wine, perhaps?
- No, I must be going.

- No, wait a while.
- No, really, I have to go.

If you'll excuse me.
- What's that?
- Why, that must be Macushlah.

- Macushlah?
- Your cow. That's right.

You did say in one of your articles
she wouldn't settle down...

...unless you go in
and bid her good night.

Well, hello, Macushlah.