Christmas in Connecticut

What about witnesses?
- Yes, we must have witnesses.
- I'll get Felix and Nora.

All right, dear. But hurry, hurry.
- skimmed milk for six weeks...
:55:07 don't know how wonderful
it is to be able...

:55:10 come downstairs and raid an icebox.
- You're telling me?

- I've been on a diet of creamed turnip fluff.
- Why were they picking on you?

- Doctor says I'm too fat.
- Can you imagine that?

I began feeling better the minute
I stopped paying any attention to him.

Mrs. Sloan can certainly roast a chicken.
Cold chicken is my weakness.
- Have some more chicken, sir?
- Thank you.

Oh, hello.
Caught us red-handed, didn't you?
Not at all. I'm glad you feel at home.
- How about a wing?
- No, thank you. I couldn't eat a thing.

- A glass of wine, perhaps?
- No, I must be going.

- No, wait a while.
- No, really, I have to go.

If you'll excuse me.
- What's that?
- Why, that must be Macushlah.

- Macushlah?
- Your cow. That's right.

You did say in one of your articles
she wouldn't settle down...

...unless you go in
and bid her good night.

Well, hello, Macushlah.
I'll help you put her back
in the barn if you like.

That's very nice of you,
but I don't think I...

Oh, it's no trouble at all.
I'll get your coat for you.

The perfect pastoral touch.
This is a real experience.

- Won't you finish your supper?
- Thank you.

Mrs. Sloan, would you mind...
...if I came down and watched you
cook breakfast in the morning?

- Watch me cook breakfast?
- I remember what you said...

...about the charm of an attractive woman
performing her task of flipping flapjacks...

...with the smell of good coffee
and sizzling bacon in a sunny kitchen.

- I'm homesick for a sight like that.
- You see, Nora usually fixes breakfast.

- You do it tomorrow just for me.
- Mr. Yardley, I...

This is the only one I could find.
Hold everything.
We'll be right with you.

Mr. Jones, I'm very tired.
I think I'd better call Nora.
Soo, boss. Soo, boss. Soo, boss.
No, now quit your griping.
Here. Here she is.