Christmas in Connecticut

I'll help you put her back
in the barn if you like.

That's very nice of you,
but I don't think I...

Oh, it's no trouble at all.
I'll get your coat for you.

The perfect pastoral touch.
This is a real experience.

- Won't you finish your supper?
- Thank you.

Mrs. Sloan, would you mind...
...if I came down and watched you
cook breakfast in the morning?

- Watch me cook breakfast?
- I remember what you said...

...about the charm of an attractive woman
performing her task of flipping flapjacks...

...with the smell of good coffee
and sizzling bacon in a sunny kitchen.

- I'm homesick for a sight like that.
- You see, Nora usually fixes breakfast.

- You do it tomorrow just for me.
- Mr. Yardley, I...

This is the only one I could find.
Hold everything.
We'll be right with you.

Mr. Jones, I'm very tired.
I think I'd better call Nora.
Soo, boss. Soo, boss. Soo, boss.
No, now quit your griping.
Here. Here she is.
What a night.
What a night.
Moonlight, snow.
And a cow.
- Do all animals take to you, Mrs. Sloan?
- Oh, yes. Of course...

...some more than others.
Yes. They have their likes and dislikes
just like human beings.

- Yes.
- Myself, I like most people.

Some more than others, of course.
Is there anyone you like more
than the others at the moment?

- A girl?
- Yes.

Are you in love with her?
Well, in a way, yes.
In what way?
Well, I... I admire her very much.
I think she's about the swellest
person I ever met.

Is that as far as it goes?
She's... She's married.
Does she like animals?