Christmas in Connecticut

What a night.
What a night.
Moonlight, snow.
And a cow.
- Do all animals take to you, Mrs. Sloan?
- Oh, yes. Of course...

...some more than others.
Yes. They have their likes and dislikes
just like human beings.

- Yes.
- Myself, I like most people.

Some more than others, of course.
Is there anyone you like more
than the others at the moment?

- A girl?
- Yes.

Are you in love with her?
Well, in a way, yes.
In what way?
Well, I... I admire her very much.
I think she's about the swellest
person I ever met.

Is that as far as it goes?
She's... She's married.
Does she like animals?
Do animals like her?
Oh, yes.
Does she live on a farm?
- Yes.
- Jefferson Jones, are you flirting with me?

- Oh, no, I wouldn't dare.
- Oh, don't apologize. I'm flattered.

It's intriguing to a married woman to find
she's still attractive to the opposite sex.

But I...
Do I attract you?
But you see, you were so different
from what I expected. I was...

- Knocked for a loop?
- You said it.

Oh, how nice.
But I... I shouldn't have told you.
Your being married and all that, I...
But, you know, I find it hard
to believe you are married.

I find it pretty difficult myself.
You don't act as if you were married.
I don't feel as if I was married.
Must be the moonlight and the snow.
And the cow.
Oh, where is the cow?