Isle of the Dead

And what are you doing here?
The sickness came to him last night.
He is dead.

- Where is his wife?
- She sleeps.

And does the doctor know?
Did I not give orders
that the doctor should be told?

Get your mistress here at once.
Don't you understand?
The body has to be taken away.

She has to be told.
- No.
- No?

Get her. Bring her to me at once.
Wait. Why don't you
want to call Mrs. St. Aubyn?

- What are you afraid of?
- The shock, when she awakens.

You're hiding something.
I want to know what it is.

It's Mrs. St. Aubyn's affair,
and of no concern to you.

Please listen to me.
I've got to make you understand.

- He's not dead.
- But, Mrs. St. Aubyn...

No. I won't believe it. He's not dead.
- But Dr. Drossos is a Medical Officer.
- I don't care who he is.

- He doesn't know. He can't tell.
- I'll make any tests you want.

- Look.
- He's not dead!

If there is the faintest breath of life,
it will cloud the mirror.

- You see?
- The breath can stop.

The heart can stop.
It still doesn't mean death.

- Men have lived...
- Quite right.

In cataleptic trance, a man may live
for days with no visible sign of life.

The breath suspended,
the heartbeat stilled.

But this man is dead.