Isle of the Dead

Come in.
It's Mrs. St. Aubyn.
She has her illness again.

She hardly breathes.
Will you come to her?

- Mr. St. Aubyn?
- The others. Mustn't rouse the others.

- Let me call the doctor. It may not be...
- It is the plague.

There is nothing he can do.
If I could only see Mary.
- I will get her.
- No.

If she's ill, it might be dangerous.
And what are you doing here?
The sickness came to him last night.
He is dead.

- Where is his wife?
- She sleeps.

And does the doctor know?
Did I not give orders
that the doctor should be told?

Get your mistress here at once.
Don't you understand?
The body has to be taken away.

She has to be told.
- No.
- No?

Get her. Bring her to me at once.
Wait. Why don't you
want to call Mrs. St. Aubyn?

- What are you afraid of?
- The shock, when she awakens.

You're hiding something.
I want to know what it is.

It's Mrs. St. Aubyn's affair,
and of no concern to you.