Isle of the Dead

- We'll see who dies and who is saved.
- You can't mean that seriously.

I'll take your wager.
You broke the doctor's first order.
No contact.

I'll break no more of his orders.
Nor will you, or any of the others.

But now that I find we are to remain here,
I must insist that you stop.

Your suspicions of her, your hints,
your vague little threats...

they all make Thea dreadfully unhappy.
Madame Kyra, let me remind you
that evil breeds evil.

And in the end, it will be you yourself
who will suffer.

- I warn you...
- We die when we must.

Come in.
It's Mrs. St. Aubyn.
She has her illness again.

She hardly breathes.
Will you come to her?

- Mr. St. Aubyn?
- The others. Mustn't rouse the others.

- Let me call the doctor. It may not be...
- It is the plague.

There is nothing he can do.
If I could only see Mary.
- I will get her.
- No.

If she's ill, it might be dangerous.