Isle of the Dead

You did call them, didn't you, Kyra?
I told you, I knocked.
The girl said her mistress wasn't well.

Maybe you can make up a tray
after dinner. Thea will probably be hungry.

I asked. The girl said she wanted nothing.
It has been bright and warm today,
hardly a breath of wind.

We can all take comfort in the thought
that the wind may change tomorrow.

We always have these warm, still days
before the sirocco begins to blow.

It hasn't changed yet.
What do you do, Vorvolaka?
What do you do behind locked doors?

Vorvolaka. Vorvolaka.
I have twisted rose briar before your door.
The thorns that pierced His brow
will tear your flesh, evil one.

I have put salt in the fire
and a cross of ashes on the door.

Vorvolaka. Vorvolaka.
Vorvolaka, born of evil...
sinful and corrupt...
your hands are bloody with violence...
your mouth bitter
with the taste of sin and corruption.

You are guilty and abhorred.
Vorvolaka. Vorvolaka.
Please, I beg of you...