Isle of the Dead

What do you do, Vorvolaka?
What do you do behind locked doors?

Vorvolaka. Vorvolaka.
I have twisted rose briar before your door.
The thorns that pierced His brow
will tear your flesh, evil one.

I have put salt in the fire
and a cross of ashes on the door.

Vorvolaka. Vorvolaka.
Vorvolaka, born of evil...
sinful and corrupt...
your hands are bloody with violence...
your mouth bitter
with the taste of sin and corruption.

You are guilty and abhorred.
Vorvolaka. Vorvolaka.
Please, I beg of you...
My fault...
Is it my fault?
I've been waiting.
I did not want him to hear.
The girl, she is still
in the Englishwoman's room.

Let her stay.
All night long I heard her moving,
and sometimes someone crying.

Now everything is still. The door is locked.
You knocked?
No one answered. It was quiet like a tomb.
Good morning.