Leave Her to Heaven

Thirty years old.
You were born and raised in Boston...

... and you went to Harvard,
where you edited the Lampoon.

When you graduated, you went to Paris
and you studied painting for a while.

You have a lodge in Maine
called Back of the Moon.

Before you went in for writing novels,
you were a newspaper man.

Your favorite sport is fishing, and you
speak French and Spanish quite well.

Shades of Sherlock.
You got all that
just from reading my book?

Just from reading the dust jacket.
It was all there under your picture.

You know, if you'd lived in Salem
100 years ago, they'd have burned you.

Why did you give up painting?
Well, it was like this.
In the first place,
I discovered I was colorblind.

Since I was interested
in Post-Impressionism...

...that didn't matter, did it?
- No.

When I made the acquaintance
of the boys on the Left Bank...

...I found that they lived
in squalid garrets...

...and most of them
were miserably undernourished.

Have you ever known
what it was to be really hungry?

I'm hungry right now.
You must be.
You haven't had dinner, have you?

- Nor lunch.
- You poor thing, you must be famished.

Mrs. Robie told Emily
to leave you a tray.

Oh, there it is.
I'll get it.
Let me.
Tell me about your place in Maine.
Oh, it's just a cabin,
a shack, that's all.

But it's set down in just about the most
beautiful country I've ever seen.

Why do you call it Back of the Moon?
Well, there's a lake up there,
shaped like a crescent.

Danny and I used to spend
all our summers there.

- You love Danny a lot, don't you?
- Well, naturally.

Is that why you've never married,
because you've had to take care of him?

No, not exactly.
The way I feel about marriage...
Well, it's like... Thank you.
It's like that trip I made to Europe
after I graduated.

I hadn't the least idea of going abroad.
It just happened.

I was taking a walk with a girl.
We went down to Boston Wharf
and watched a freighter being loaded.

I liked the looks of her.
- The girl?
- No, the freighter.