Leave Her to Heaven

Oh, there it is.
I'll get it.
Let me.
Tell me about your place in Maine.
Oh, it's just a cabin,
a shack, that's all.

But it's set down in just about the most
beautiful country I've ever seen.

Why do you call it Back of the Moon?
Well, there's a lake up there,
shaped like a crescent.

Danny and I used to spend
all our summers there.

- You love Danny a lot, don't you?
- Well, naturally.

Is that why you've never married,
because you've had to take care of him?

No, not exactly.
The way I feel about marriage...
Well, it's like... Thank you.
It's like that trip I made to Europe
after I graduated.

I hadn't the least idea of going abroad.
It just happened.

I was taking a walk with a girl.
We went down to Boston Wharf
and watched a freighter being loaded.

I liked the looks of her.
- The girl?
- No, the freighter.

She looked good to me
and she smelled good.

I didn't know where she was going, but
I knew I was going with her. And I did.

This is the tastiest sandwich
I've ever eaten.

- What is it?
- Turkey. Wild turkey.

- Ever hunted them?
- No, I haven't.

It's tricky shooting.
They're sort of scary, but they're so big
and clumsy, they hate to take wing.

It's a lot of fun.
I'd like to try it sometime.
- How about tomorrow?
- Well, if Glen has no other plans.

- I meant just the two of us.
- I'd love to.

Why did you come for me tonight?
Well, I don't know exactly. Everybody
assured me you'd be perfectly all right.

I guess it was just an impulse.
- Like the time you took the freighter?
- Yes.

You knew I was coming up
there tonight.

You were waiting for me,
weren't you?