Leave Her to Heaven

The winner!
Don't forget we have a date
after lunch.

Quiet, Fritz. Lie down.
What's the matter with you?
Oh, come in.
Hello, Robie.
Quiet, Fritz. Quiet.
Let me take your things.
Thank you.
Here, let me fix your tie.
Well, hello.
- What in the world brought you here?
- An airplane.

I grabbed the first one I could catch
after getting your telegram yesterday.

Why all the rush?
I wanted to be among the first
to congratulate you...

...on your forthcoming marriage.
Well, we hadn't planned
to announce it for a while...

...but since you've let the cat
out of the bag...

Darling, this is Russell Quinton.
My fiancé, Richard Harland.
How do you do?
- Might I have a moment with you alone?
- Certainly. We can go in the library.