Leave Her to Heaven

Here, let me fix your tie.
Well, hello.
- What in the world brought you here?
- An airplane.

I grabbed the first one I could catch
after getting your telegram yesterday.

Why all the rush?
I wanted to be among the first
to congratulate you...

...on your forthcoming marriage.
Well, we hadn't planned
to announce it for a while...

...but since you've let the cat
out of the bag...

Darling, this is Russell Quinton.
My fiancé, Richard Harland.
How do you do?
- Might I have a moment with you alone?
- Certainly. We can go in the library.

Will you excuse us?
Mrs. Berent, Ruth.
Dick. Dick, is it true?
- I'm so happy for Ellen. For both of you.
- Thank you.

That's all very well, but what I want
to know is when and how?

- Well...
- I'm sorry, Russ. Really, I am.

I never expected you to come here
in the midst of a political campaign.

- When do you plan to be married?
- As soon as possible.

Would it be convenient for you
to postpone it until the fall?

Until after election, you mean.
It wouldn't do me much good
for the news to get out...

...that I'd been jilted
and thrown aside like an old shoe.

Oh, come now, Russ.
Surely there's no political significance...

...in the fact that a lady
has changed her mind.

I don't understand it, Ellen.
I always knew you'd never marry me
while your father was alive.

But after he died, I thought...
Well, I thought there might be a chance.