Leave Her to Heaven

Easy, boy, easy.
Oh, Dick!
Hey, you've put on weight.
- I believe you've actually grown.
- You look sort of different yourself.

Get my telegram?
Yeah, but I didn't sleep much
that night.

I kept thinking, "Now he's left
the ranch, and now he's in Chicago."

I kept seeing that train
coming nearer and nearer.

- I counted every turn of the wheels.
ELLEN: May I come in?

Hi, Danny.
Hi, Ellen.
I hope you like her, Danny, because
if you don't, we'll send her right back.

Oh, please don't let him fire me,
Danny. I like this job.

Don't you worry.
If he fires you, I'll hire you.

Thank you.
- Were you surprised to get my letter?

Not a bit. I knew what was
in that letter even before I opened it.

I just kept reading it over
and over again, just to sort of...

- Get used to the idea?
- Yeah.

I was trying to picture
what kind of a place Taos was...

...how long a honeymoon is.
Ellen didn't like Taos.
I thought Warm Springs would be
better for a honeymoon.

I hope you can stay a while.
We're going to take a cottage
right here in Warm Springs.

- And live here, you mean?
- That's right.

That's Ellen's idea.
That's the way she wants it.

Well, Mrs. Harland.
I think I can feel safe in saying
the job is permanent.

Thank you, sir. I always does my best.
I trust you'll find the soup
to your taste.

It's sheer understatement
to call this ambrosia soup.

I call it consommé à la patchouli.