Leave Her to Heaven

I just kept reading it over
and over again, just to sort of...

- Get used to the idea?
- Yeah.

I was trying to picture
what kind of a place Taos was...

...how long a honeymoon is.
Ellen didn't like Taos.
I thought Warm Springs would be
better for a honeymoon.

I hope you can stay a while.
We're going to take a cottage
right here in Warm Springs.

- And live here, you mean?
- That's right.

That's Ellen's idea.
That's the way she wants it.

Well, Mrs. Harland.
I think I can feel safe in saying
the job is permanent.

Thank you, sir. I always does my best.
I trust you'll find the soup
to your taste.

It's sheer understatement
to call this ambrosia soup.

I call it consommé à la patchouli.
When you hire a cook,
teach her the recipe.

I have no intention of hiring a cook
or a housekeeper or any other servants.

- You mean for the present.
- Ever.

- Idiot.
- I don't want anybody else but me...

...to do anything for you.
I want to keep your house and wash
your clothes and cook your food.

A born slavey.
I don't want anybody else
in the house but us.

- Ever?
- Ever.

Well, but suppose in the natural course
of events...

- Well, that's different.
- And what about Danny?

Well, that's different too.
Only three people have been
to Back of the Moon:

Me and Dick and Thorne.
- Who's Thorne?
- Leick Thorne. He's a woodsman.

He helped build the house, the dam,
the boathouse and all.

He takes care of the place.
I'd like to get hold of some
of Richard's baby pictures.

- Could I, do you suppose?
- Yeah, there's a whole album full.

A lot of college yearbooks
with loads of pictures of him.

Only, there's one he doesn't like
to show to anybody.

Why not?
Well, it's got a picture
of Enid Sothern in it.