Leave Her to Heaven

- Good morning, Ellen.
Hi, Danny!

How about a dip in the lake
before breakfast?

- Morning, Mrs. Harland.

Who gets up first, you or the sun?
Well, mostly it's neck and neck.
I thought I'd fix breakfast
for you this morning.

Oh, no. That's my job.
I'm beginning to feel sort of like
a fifth wheel around here.

You mustn't feel like that.
Richard considers you a part
of the place.

You must've been especially nice to him
when he was a boy.

Oh, that wasn't hard. He was a nice kid.
You must've had
wonderful times together.

Yes, tolerable.
Did he change much
when he got to be a young man?

Not especially.
Did he use to confide in you a lot?
Yeah, sometimes.
Did he ever tell you
about Enid Sothern?

- Who?
- Enid Sothern.

I don't especially recall he did.
Who was she?

Oh, nobody in particular, I guess.
Just school stuff.
I'll take those.
- Thorne, do you dream a lot?
- Never.

I had the most awful nightmare
last night.

We were out in the skiff, my husband
and I, and he jumped in for a swim.

But I was too lazy,
so I just rowed after him.

Somehow I was afraid. When we got
to the middle of the lake...

...I thought it was time for him
to get in the boat.

So I decided to call out to him,
but I had no voice.